Co-sponsored Events


Annual lecture collaborations (see also LECTURES and other EVENTS)

  • CCHS/HEF (Holocaust Educational Foundation of NU) lecture: Jan GRABOWSKI (University of Ottawa), author of Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland (2014)—Monday, October 23 at 5 p.m. (with reception to follow)—“Polish ‘Blue’ Police & the Extermination of Polish Jews, 1939-1945”
  • CAAH/CCHS lecture on African American History: Claude CLEGG (University of North Carolina), author of Troubled Ground: A Tale of Murder, Lynching, and Reckoning in the New South (2010)—Thursday, April 12 at 4:30 p.m. (with reception to follow)"Hope and Fury: Toward a History of African Americans during the Obama Years"
  • History of the Book Lecture with the University Library: Janice RADWAY (NU), author of A Feeling for Books: The Book-of-the-Month Club, Literary Taste, and Middle Class Desire (1999)—Thursday, February 22 at 4:30 p.m. (lecture with reception to follow)—“Girl Zines, the 1990s, and the Challenge of Historical Narration”
  • Gray BOYCE LECTURE in Medieval History: Joel KAYE (Barnard College), author of A History of Balance, 1250-1375 (Chicago UP, 2014)—Thursday, April 19 at 4:30 p.m. (with reception to follow)

Ongoing all-year series commitments:

  • American Cultures Colloquium (ACC)—main sponsor: English Dept
  • Long Nineteeth-Century Colloquium (LNCC)—main sponsor: English Dept.         
  • Mexican Intelligence Archives (MIDAS) project—main sponsor: LACS
  • One Book, One Northwestern (3 events)

    “Inventing America: A Conversation with Garry Wills about his writing on the Declaration of Independence” (with Sara Monoson)—Nov. 28, 2017

    Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard) and Erica Armstrong Dunbar (Rutgers) conversation—February 16, 2018

    Benjamin H. Irvin (U of Arizona) talk—May 10, 2018.

FALL 2017

Nancy MacLean lecture
  • Special event: Nancy MACLEAN (Duke U) speaking about her book Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America (2017)—(Wednesday, September 27 at 4:30 p.m.)--co-sponsors: History, Kaplan Institute for the Humanities (TRUTH event)
  • Lecture: Charu GUPTA (U of Delhi)—“Dread and Desire: Hindu Masculinities, Muslim Sexualities and Recalcitrant Romances in Modern India”—Oct. 11—(sponsors: Dept. of Asian languages and Cultures, History, Asian Studies Program, and the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities)
  • Panel: Natasha TRETHEWAY, Carol ANDERSON, Leslie HARRIS--“Poetry/History/ Race/Truth”—Oct. 30 (main sponsor: Kaplan Institute TRUTH event)
  • Lecture: Karl JACOBY (Columbia U)--“An Empire of Dust: A Life on the Color Line and the Borderline”—Nov. 16 at 12 noon (co-sponsor: History)
  • Lecture: Liesl OLSON (Director of Chicago Studies at the Newberry Library) speaking about her bookChicago Renaissance: Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis—Jan. 25 at noon (co-sponsors: Kaplan Institute and English Dept.)
  • Lecture: Jennifer BRIER (UIC)—“How to Have History in an Epidemic: Can History Make you Healthy?”--Feb. 15 at noon (co-sponsors: Feinberg School of Medicine, History Dept.)


  • Lecture: Pablo PICATO (Columbia U)—“A National History of Infamy: Tracing the History of Truth in Modern Mexico” April 6 (main sponsor: Kaplan Institute TRUTH event)
  • Lecture: Naomi ORESKES—“Telling the Truth about Climate Change”--May 2 (main sponsor: Kaplan Institute TRUTH event)

For past co-sponsorships, see: CHS co-sponsored events update 2017.pdf