Graduate Fellows


  • Ryan BURNS—Digital media (dissertation: "Potential Protestants: Catholics, Conformity and Conversion in Early Modern Scotland, 1560-1780”)
  • Bonnie ERNST—conference convener: “Resistance in History: From Transgression to Transformation” (dissertation: “Women in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Gender, Rights, and Punishment in Michigan”)
  • Emily Curtis WALTERS—conference convener:  “Generations in History: Youth, Age, and Metrics of Cultural Change” (dissertation: “”Daddy, What Did You Do in the Great War?’: Warfare, Knowledge, and Generations in Britain, 1918-1945”).
Graduate Fellows and Director

2017-18 QUINN FELLOW in collaboration with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation:

  • Alexandra THOMAS—dissertation: “In Praise of Dracula: Giovanni Botero, Reason of State, and the Ottoman Empire”

Summer 2017 graduate projects

  • Evanston Digital Newspaper project (for the Evanston History Center): Beth HEALEY
  • Oral history projects—Muslim Chicago oral history project (for the Studs Terkel Center for Oral History at the Chicago History Museum): Yuri DOOLAN
  • “Ellen Bond: Union Spy” research project (for Chicago House Theatre): Gideon COHN-POSTAR and Ana ROSADO