Post-Doctoral Fellows


Kyle BURKE (Research Asst. Professor at the Center for the Study of Force and Democracy, Temple University in 2016-17)

2016 dissertation: “A Global Brotherhood of Paramilitaries: American Conservatives, Anticommunist Internationalism, and Covert Warfare in the Cold War”

His first book, Revolutionaries for the Right: Anticommunist Internationalism and Paramilitary Violence in the Cold War, will be published by UNC Press in March 2018. At NU Kyle is teaching a seminar on "The United States in the Global Cold War" and a lecture course on the "History of US Foreign Relations."

Postdocs in Reading Room


2017 dissertation: “Rites of Reproduction: Gendered and Generational Political Institutions and Ideologies of South African Nguni-speakers, 8th-19th Century CE”

This year Raevin is teaching a course on "Women and Gender in African History" and a freshman seminar on "African History: Myths, Lies, Stereotypes."