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Graduate Fellowships

Each year the Center has awarded full graduate fellowships to advanced students in the Department of History. The Center provides the stipend, while The Graduate School provides the tuition.  A faculty committee within the department selects these scholars. Recipients are ordinarily excused from normal teaching duties and are expected to organize a one-day graduate conference with an outside keynote speaker, as well as to help manage other Center activities (see I).

In addition, the Center collaborates with Evanston and Chicago institutions to provide History graduate students with paid summer research projects (see II).


The three Center Graduate Fellows are now known as the T.H. BREEN Graduate Fellows, in honor of the founding Director of the Center and eminent colonial American historian, Timothy Hall Breen. The Center also co-sponsors one QUINN Fellowship in conjunction with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation.

2018-2019 T.H. BREEN FELLOWS
2018-2019 QUINN FELLOW in collaboration with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation

2017-18 T.H. Breen Fellows:

2017-18 Quinn Fellow:

For PAST Graduate Fellows, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.More on conferences convened by CCHS Graduate Fellows


The CCHS supports summer fellowships/internships for graduate students collaborating with Evanston and Chicago institutions on history research projects.

In the summer of 2018 the Center is sponsoring 3 fellowships at the Chicago History Museum:

Alvita AKIBOH— project on the Ferris Wheel and /or Union Station

Ryan BURNS—  project on the World’s Columbian Exposition

Charlotte ROSEN— project on the DNC 1968.

In the summer of 2017 the Center sponsored

Summer 2016

In the summer of 2015 Samuel KLING started the Evanston Digital Newspaper project, while Andrew BAER won a 2014 summer graduate internship at the Chicago History Museum, where in collaboration with the CHM and Google Cultural Institute he curated the online exhibit “Chicago 1968: Law and Disorder,” which presents photographs, primary documents, and images of physical artifacts related to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August 1968.


2016-2017 BREEN FELLOWS: Michael Falcone, Mariah Hepworth, and Matt June.

QUINN FELLOW: Yanqiu Zheng.

Grad Fellows 206-17 with Dirtector

2015-2016--QUINN FELLOW--Teng Li and BREEN FELLOWS--Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson, Nathaniel Mathews, and Sam Kling (digital and social media);

2014-2015--BREEN FELLOWS: Alex Hobson, Charles Keenan, and Keith Rathbone;

2013-2014--Andrea Felber Seligman and Jesse Nasta;

2012-2013--Neal T. Dugre and Michael Martoccio;

2011-2012--Teri Chettiar and Peter Thilly;

2010-2011--Theresa (Terri) Keeley and Andrew Wehrman;

2009-2010--Fernando Carbajal and Andreana Prichard;

2008-2009--Anne Koenig and Marygrace Tyrrell;

2007-2008--Laurence (Lonnie) Robbins and Strother Roberts;

2006-2007--Bettina Hessler.

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